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Vibration Plate Model VT003F

What are the Differences

Model VT003F vibration plate is a high frequency linear vibration machine. It features adjustable frequency range from 15Hz to 40Hz, and two amplitude settings. Most other consumer grade vibration machines in the market are pivotal oscillation (swing) type, which usually run on vibration frequency below 15Hz.

Vibration Machine VT003F

High frequency vibration drives energy deep into body tissues, effectively achieve circulation improvement and soft tissue activation. Research suggests high frequency vibration also helps increase bone density and improve metabolism.

VT003F's frequency range is designed to achieve resonance effect on the body tissues. Resonance occurs when the vibration frequency of the source (the machine) equals the natural frequency of the receiver (the body tissues). At resonance, the body tissue vibrates at the highest amplitude, and the vibration energy transfers the most efficiently from the machine to the body tissue. The natural frequencies of human body soft tissues are in the range of 10 to 50Hz. VT003F's vibration frequency is adjustable from 15Hz to 40Hz. This range work well with various muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and blood vessels, to achieve each of their respective resonance effect.

High-end commercial grade vibration plates are mostly linear vibration type, operating in the frequency range between 15 and 50Hz. For example, the market leading brand Power Plate models are designed to work in the frequency range between 25Hz and 50Hz, some models with fixed frequency and some models with adjustable frequency.

The chart below gives the comparison of working frequencies of different types of vibration plates in the market.

Vibration Frequency Comparisons

Vibration Frequency Comparison
Compare vibration plate VT003F with Powr Plate

Most linear vibration type of vibration plates are large and heavy, commercial grade, designed for professional market. The industry leader Power Plate does offer a consumer grade linear vibration plate, called Personal Power Plate. Comparing VT003F with Personal Power Plate will help better understand the performances and applications of both models.

Detail comparisons between VT003F and Personal Power Plate.Link to vibraton plate comparisons

Operation Control & Programmed Plays

Download vibration plate user manualDownload VT003F Vibration Plate User Manual

Operating on the control panel or the remote control, user can manually adjust the vibration frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz, one hertz incremental. User can also switch amplitude between Lo and Hi.

Three preset Programmed Plays mode are designed for difference application: P1, P2 and P3. At Programmed Play, the vibration runs on cycles with frequency increase or decrease every 5 second, combined with amplitude switch. Each Program Play is set to run 10 minutes, each cycle 95 seconds. The chart below shows the frequency change pattern in one cycle.

Programmed Play Mode Designed Applications
00 Manual Manual control vibration frequency and amplitude
P1 Soft Detoxication and relax
P2 Strong Cardio exercise
P3 MIX Muscle enhancement and toning
Programmed Play Vibration Frequency Pattern

Technical Specifications

Type of Vibration Linear Vibration
Vibration Frequency 15 - 40 Hz Adjustable, 1 Hz incremental
Amplitude High
3 mm, at no load condition
Amplitude Low 1.5 mm, at no load condition
Max G-force 5.82, at no load condition
Machine Size L22" x W19" x H7.1"
Machine Net Weight 25.8 LB
Electric Motor 80W PMDC Motor, 900-2400RPM
Power Supply AC Single Phase 110V 60Hz
Max User Body Weight 264 LB


G-force is an acceleration rate expressed in units of G. G is the "acceleration of gravity". Vibration acceleration rate is a dynamic value. The vibrating platform moves between accelerating speed and decelerating speed. At Vibration Therapeutic, an average Phase 4 G-Force is adopted to represent the acceleration level of the machine. Below is our G-force formula.

Phase 4 G-Force =2π2f2A/G + 1

The maximum G-Force, as a reference, has the formula as

Phase 4 Peak G-Force = (2πf)2A/G +1

f=frequency, A=amplitude

The amplitude quoted by most vibration plate manufacturers is actually the peak-to-peak amplitude. The amplitude in the formula above is the amplitude as defined in physics, which is half of the peak-to-peak amplitude.

For Model VT003F, at its highest frequency of 40Hz and highest peak-to-peak amplitude. The G-force can be calculated as below.

Phase 4 G-force = 2x3.142x402x0.0015/9.8+1=5.82

For reference, Phase 4 Peak G-force = 10.64

Because G-force is decided by the combined facts of frequency and amplitude, manufactures tend to use G-force as an important vibration intensity indicator.

VT003F's G-force calculated above is based on the amplitude at empty load condition. Because the linear vibration's amplitude yield to the body weight, the actually G-force on the user is discounted.

More about G-force Vibration G-force calculation

The Structure of VT003F

eccentric wheel vibration drive
Motor & Eccentric Wheel Mechanism

VT003F's main structure is two plates connected by four supporting springs.

The core of vibration plate is an assembly consist of a PMDC motor and a group of eccentric wheels. This assembly is mounted beneath the footplate . The PMDC motor rotates the eccentric wheels to create centrifugal force that displaces the footplate in vertical and horizontal directions. The movements are regulated by four strong springs supporting the footplate, and create desired vibration, intensity and pattern.

VT003F Vibration Machine

The footplate and base plate are made from new ABS material by whole piece mold injection. They are firmly screwed on upper and lower steel frames. The four springs are mounted between the two steel frames. The control panel unit is also mounted on the base plate (the lower plate). The whole structure is very sturdy but still light weighted.

The vibration frequency can be adjusted from 15Hz to 40Hz, by controlling the PMDE motor rotation speed using a microcontroller system.

The amplitude can be changed by engaging different numbers of eccentric wheels on the motor shaft. There are two amplitude settings:

The Core Vibration Drive

The core vibration driver unit of VT003F is an assembly of a PMDC motor and 3 pairs of eccentric wheels attached on the motor shaft. User can switch the vibration amplitude by engaging more or less eccentric wheels. Instead of using clutches to control the number of eccentric wheels engaged, engineers worked out a genius solution by changing eccentric wheels' angular positions to achieve the change of centrifugal force. This way the assembly is made simple. The possibility of mechanical malfunction is greatly reduced. When switch the amplitude between Hi and Lo while the machining is running on vibration, user can hear a click sound. That is normal.


This machine is not for children or pregnant women to use.

If you have heart disease, joint cartilage damage, or motion sickness, please seek expert advice whether high frequency vibration therapy is a good fit to you.

For users that lack of physical strength, please hold on to a stable chair for better balance while using the machine.

Do some warm-up exercise before using the machine. Don't use the machine immediately after meal.

Some users experience dizziness or nausea using this machine. The reason is that linear vibration plate transmits high frequency vibration to the upper body. Vibration on head and stomach can make people feel dizzy and

New users please start with low frequency and low amplitude settings. You can gradually increase the frequency and switch to high amplitude after you get used to the vibration and start to enjoy the benefits. Keeping your knees bent can reduce and adjust the amount of
vibration transmitted to the upper body.

Excessive exposure to intensive vibration can pose a health hazard.

Please contact your physician if you experience sustained discomfort after using this machine.

Safety Instruction

The machine is designed to use indoor in dry environment without flammable gas. It must be connected to a properly grounded electricity outlet.

Place the machine only on a solid floor with carpet. The machine may drift with vibration when running on a smooth and bare floor, especially when there is no body weight on it. Do not allow the machine to run unattended.

If used on a wood framing structure floor, it is highly suggested to put cushion pads beneath the machine to help absorb some vibration transmitted to the floor.

Do not put any object or reach into between the footplate and the base plates, even though the motor and eccentric wheel assembly is securely enclosed and insulated.

Keep the machine away from the children.

Vibration Noise

Vibration plate generates mechanical and sound wave noises. When frequency is above 20Hz, the sound wave becomes audible. The higher the vibration frequency, the higher the noise level for both type of noises.

The 2019 model VT003F has significant improvement on mechanical noise reduction. From the testing results of 6 random samples picked up from a production batch of VT003F 2019 model, the noise level of model VT003F is between 59dBA and 65dBA, measured 6 inches above the footplate, at the highest vibration frequency and Hi amplitude setting.

More about noise of VT003F Vibration Plate noise

EMF Exposure

Like all other household electric appliances, VT003F produces electric and magnetic fields (EMF). The maximum magnetic field strength measured at one foot above the footplate is 1.3 milligauss at the highest intensity setting.

According to EPA, there is no clear scientific evidence that EMF affects health. EPA does not define a safe or hazardous level of EMF exposure.

More about EMF of VT003F Vibration Plate noise

Negative Customer Experiences

Please consult a medical expert if you experience sustained discomfort after using vibration machine. Download and read the user manual carefully before you use this machine.

Only about 2% to 3 % of customers report negative experiences using VT003F vibration plate. Others may have negative experiences but not bother to report. Below is the list of major negative experiences, possible reasons and suggestions.

Dizziness and Nausea

Dizziness and nausea is the major customer negative experience on VT003F.

Dizziness is caused when the vibration is transmitted to the head. Motion sensitive people can feel dizzy using vibration plate. Nausea is caused when vibration is transmitted to the stomach.

Linear vibration type of machine like VT003F can transmit the vibration to the upper body and head. Keeping your knees bent will allow you to control / reduce the amount of vibration transmitted up above hip joint. You can almost completely prevent the vibration from transmitting to your head by curling your spinal column.

As a comparison, pivotal oscillation type of machine does not transmit vibration to the upper body and head. Pivotal oscillation type of machine swings the lower body. The vibration direction changes to horizontal at the hips, and up above, the vibration is absorbed by the flexible waist.

Blur Vision

It is almost certain that, if the vibration is transmitted to the head, the vision will be blurred. Usually when the vibration stops the blur should stop. There is one customer feedback that his vision kept blurring for 5 minutes after using VT003F. In this case, stop using the vibration plate, consult a doctor and return the machine back to us.

We encourage customers to share their experiences with us, positive and negative, and we will use our website to share those experiences with our audiences.

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History, Improvement & Design Constrains

History of VT003F

The original designer of VT003F High Frequency Vibration Plate is Zhejiang Jintuo Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The model was first launched in German market in 2012, under a couple of German private labels (notably skandika Home Vibration Plate 500). After several rounds of modifications, the model has become successful, selling well through health clubs and Amazon in Germany, gaining good momentum in other European countries. After years of customer feedback, modifications, and production improvement, this model has become mature and stable with consistent quality.

In 2017, SpecsPro LLC secured the permanent exclusive market right of this model in North America, and started to re-launch, promote and sell this model with exceptional services and warranty terms.

In less than one year, model VT003F has become well recognized and received in the US market. After numerous experiments, comparisons and attentive listening to customer feedback, SpecsPro has mastered this product for its design, manufacturing, applications, advantages and drawbacks.

Improvements on VT003F 2019 Model

Vibration Control Panel

Some major changes were made on the 2019 model. The precision of two bearing houses in the motor and eccentric wheels assembly were improved through the improvement of the die casting molds. This improvement significantly reduced the mechanical noise and increased the quality consistency.

Another improvement made, as suggested by many customers, is the change of control manner of the vibration frequency. Instead of displaying and changing speed level from 1 to 20, the 2019 model display and change frequency from 15Hz to 40 Hz, one hertz incremental. Therefore, users do not need to consult the user manual to find the relationship between speed level and vibration frequency.

Some customers suggested to make hand straps elastic. We consider the hand straps are designed for keeping body balance and arm vibration, therefore we continue to keep the hand straps inelastic. Most other vibration plates in the market also come with inelastic hand straps.

Design Constrains of VT003F

VT003F is designed for the convenience of home and office use. As we continue to improve VT003F, we would like to share the constrains of the original design and the purpose served.

Residual Downward Vibration

The core vibration drive unit is mounted beneath the footplate, so the machine mostly vibrates upwards to the body. Some residual vibration, after mitigated by the supporting springs, can transmit downwards to the floor. A heavy base can provide a good shield to reduce the residual vibration downwards to the floor. VT003F is designed with a light weight base for its portability. It is ideal to use it on a solid and rigid floor which actually push back the downward vibration, up towards the user.

If the machine is used on a floor that is not solid or rigid, like a wood frame structure floor, the residual vibration may vibrate the floor. It is recommended to use cushion pads between the machine and the floor to absorb downward vibration. The cushion slightly compromises the vibration intensity to the user.

Drifting with Vibration

Another constrain of the light weighted base is that the vibration makes the machine drift/jump on the floor if there is no body weight on the machine. This is because, as the machine vibrate, the centrifugal force created by the eccentric wheels overcomes the gravity on the machine, when the frequency is above 20Hz. The four suction cup feet of the machine are designed to affix the machine to the ground, however, they don't work well.

For the comparison, Power Plate My3 and Personal Power Plate, if set on bare floor, also drift with vibration.

The solution for the drifting issue is easy: use VT003F on carpeted floor.

Amplitude Yielding

Linear vibration plate is a flexible link system. VT003F's footplate is supported by 4 springs. The vibration amplitude yields to the body weight. Professional grade linear vibration plates use heavier springs (higher resistance) to provide better support, and use heavier eccentric wheels and bigger motors to achieve the same amplitude. VT003F, on the other hand, designed as lightweight machine, utilized lighter spring and eccentric wheel. An 80W motor is rightfully selected for this design. Therefore, VT003F's amplitude yields more than those professional grade linear vibration plates do. As a result, the G-force is disgraded. VT003F's vibration intensity may be less than satisfaction for heavy weight users and aggressive athlete users.

Communication with Customers

We share our knowledge on this website so that our audiences could make informed decision if they are interested in purchasing VT003F High Frequency Vibration Plate.

In our efforts in continuous improvement, we value customers' feedback on our products and services. Together we achieve better vibration therapy solutions.

Download vibration plate user manualDownload VT003F Vibration Plate User Manual.

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